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Berg Moe, Partner & CEO at EntraHouse

Berg Moe has more than 30 years experience with funding, coaching and growing companies and great ideas to the next level. He has an extensive global network of people in both seed funding and venture capital world.  Currently, he is partner & CEO at EntraHouse AS and owner  & Community manager of a group of entrepreneurs Grunderklubben.

Berg Moe will moderate the Shark Tank session during the event.


Trond Riiber Knudsen, Founder TRK Group

Trond Riiber Knudsen is an experienced leader with a demonstrated history of working in the management consulting, venture capital and private equity industry. He has experience of more than 25 years working in McKinsey, where he currently holds the position of Leadership and Development. In 2015, ge founded TRK Group AS which is an active ownership and advisory firm- supporting early-stage companies define and execute ambitious aspirations for growth and value creation. Currently, he is involved in many comapnies including the position of the member of Board of Advisors at SpareBank1 Market AS, co-founder and lead investor at Penda Paper Recycling, Senior Advisor and Investor at Arundo Analytics, Lead Mentor and Investor at Katapult Accelerator, Strategic Advisor at Schibsted Media Group. He holds MBA from Harvard Business School.


Jørn Lein-Mathisen, Managing Director Business Angels Norway, International House

Jørn Lein-Mathisen started his first company at age of 16 and became an angel investor at the age of 23.  In 2013, he founded the only international incubator in Norway, Oslo International Hub, running International House in Oslo. He has helped over 300 interntational startups since 2013 and is now in charge of building up Business Angels Norway, the national association for angel groups. He made his first angel Investement in 1996 and is currently in 38 pre-seed investments. He was previously parlimentary advisor to the current prime minister of Norway. He also has experience of working at UN , the MFA and at the European Comission as well as for Boston Consulting Group and

Jørn Lein-Mathisen will present during the Shark Tank session of the event


Steinar Svalesen, Director Corporate Finance at Beringer Finance

Steinar Svalesen has more than 25 years experience in the IT/media/telecom industries with special focus on strategic business development. He has gained a valuable experience in enterpreneurship and a solid foundation for the more recent early-stage investement and business transformation activities by launching a number of new business ventures, securing capital, building efficient teams, and supporting these ventures. 

His other experiences include executive management positions in Scandinavia and in the US in the areas of business consulting, sales, and marketing, as well as in product development and software design. Featured speaker at various industry events in Europe and the USA. Executive board positions of Scandinavian technology companies.

Specialties: Management consulting; early-stage venture; digital media, telecom and technology; business transformation; strategies for growth and expansion; business modelling.

Steinar Svalesen will present Beringer Finance  during the Shark Tank session of the event.


Jan-Cayo Fiebig, General Partner at 3B Ventures-Investing for financial & social returns

Cayo sees the world as an opportunity. Before founding CodersTrust, Cayo worked for Mercedes-Benz and A.T. Kearny in China, Germany and Austria. He was fortunate to study in Germany, US, UK, Denmark and Canada, which probably let him to his path of not accepting that world-class education is only available to the few. Together with a team of passionate believers he is breaking barriers and stigmas, enabling the tech talents in need through microfinance, collaborative online learning and the online labour market. Cayo sees the potential of a borderless workforce, the power of emotional intelligence and the embracement of uncertainty. Being hit by a lightning, an earthquake and tornado, he probably also believes in attracting natural disasters.  Currently, he is a general partner at 3B Ventures, which is the early stage impact fund investing in exponential technology that will impact the lives of the next 3 billion.

Jan-Cayo Fiebig  will present 3B Ventures  during the Shark Tank session of the event.


Åsmund Johan Mandal, Managing Director at Varua Invest AS

Åsmund Johan Mandal is the managing director at Varua Invest and the director of Nigeria-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce.  Åsmund has invested via Varua Invest in 18 tech companies in 2018.

Åsmund Johan Mandal will present Varua Invest during the Shark Tank session of the event.



Camilla Andersson started her own media company almost 25 years ago. She is a Business Angel and has for many years invested in startup companies, in addition to being an active and reputable media and technology investor. In recent years, she has also gained experience in the finance and real estate industry and is currently running a real estate project in Ghana, Africa, and an Equity Crowdfunding company called SparkUp. Additionally, she is also working as a founder of Equity Crowdfunding company Around Norge.



Heidi is an entrepreneur with a mission to close the gender gap. She is co-founder and owner of SHE Community, that provides inspiration, tools and networks to scale up and speed up true equality in business. Heidi has held several leadership positions within IT and consulting and has co-founded the successful technology start-up SmartWorks. Now, she´s in the business of inspiring other women to take the lead and helping companies create more value with more diversity among managers and investors.


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