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Do you have a startup in the tech space and believe that it's going to be the best thing since sliced bread?

If yes, this session is made for you. As a startup, every chance you get to showcase your brand to a targeted audience of potential investors, partners, and customers is instrumental. The AIM-X session will bring top-notch emerging tech startups from Norway, Nordics & the Baltics (and sometimes from other places in the world) and these startups will be given a chance to present their idea to a distinguished panel of investors and display them at the "Startup Village" exhibition area at AIM North 2022.

Presentations & Investor Interaction:

In this session, the core group of investors will present their companies and explain the process in which they consider offers from aspiring entrepreneurs seeking investments for their product/business. This will a brilliant opportunity for your startup to learn, interact and meet with the investors in the panel and those in the audience.

Live Pitching:

The top 5 best emerging tech startups will participate in the pitching sessions and present their idea to the core group of investors, the Sharks. 


Display your startup at the "Startup Village" at AIM North 2022 and meet with investors, potential customers, and future partners.  You will also meet many interesting stakeholders representing the Startup Eco-System in Norway and the New Nordics.

Investor Breakfast Club:

The Investor Breakfast Club (IBC) is a network of 300+ investors meeting on regular occasions in the Greater Oslo Region (and in Sweden). Apart from IBC Investors will participate at AIM-X, the Top 10 startups pitching will also be invited to present at the IBC Investor-Only sessions throughout 2022. Huge value if you are fundraising throughout the year.

What do you do now?

If you are a tech startup and want to participate, pitch, meet new investors, and exhibit during AIM North Symposium 2022 get in touch for our terms & conditions (continuous enrollment): APPLY HERE!

                                 STARTUPS APPLY HERE!


After the Sharktansk session, The Swedish-Norwegian HealthTech accelerator DigitalWell Ventures will have DEMO Day featuring 9 startups presenting on stage, commencing at 14:30. The sessions will end at 15:30.

The Sharks & The Startups at AIM-X Sharktank Session



Christian is Chairman at Link Venture Capital,  a leading Nordic early-stage fund. Across the funds they have 50+ investments, with 5 IPO's to date. They invest from pre-seed to Series A, with a strong preference of being the first investor in. The investment thesis is "Energy transition" + "Software is eating the world" + "Sustainability". Within this thesis, they are actively looking for startups in solar, battery, storage, EV, EV charging, mobility, autonomous mobility, aquaculture, cleantech, and more. Christian loves speaking to early founders and can help structure any investment round with local and international investors.





Dr. Vasiliu-Feltes is the Founder and CEO of The Science, Entrepreneurship, and Investments Institute and currently serving as a Country Director for WBAF USA, Senator of WBAF, Faculty Member of the WBAF Business School- Division of Entrepreneurship, and teaching the Executive MBA Business Technology Course at the UM Business School. She is also acting as the Chief Ethics Officer for GBA Global, President of Detect Genomix and as the Chief Quality and Safety Officer at MEDNAX. Additionally, she provides leadership to the MEDNAX Center for Research, Education, Quality and Safety.




Steinar Svalesen, Partner at Cyrus

Cyrus AS is an advisor and investor in unlisted assets that seeks to combine knowledge and experience. Steinar has been launching a number of new business ventures, securing capital, building efficient teams, and supporting these ventures over time has provided a valuable experience in entrepreneurship and a solid foundation for the more recent M&A, early-stage investment, and business transformation activities. His experience includes executive management positions in Scandinavia and in the US in the areas of business consulting, sales, and marketing, as well as in product development and software design. Featured speaker at various industry events in Europe and the USA. Executive board positions of Scandinavian technology companies. Steinar's specialties include management consulting; early-stage venture; digital media, telecom, and technology; business transformation; strategies for growth and expansion; business modeling.




Serial Entrepreneur and early-stage Investor. Founder of several crowdfunding companies and is now most active in raising capital and investments. President and co-founder of  WIN Women Investor Network Norway.  WIN empowers women to strengthen their financial position and participation in innovation by investing together in startups.




Trond Riiber Knudsen, Founder and Investor in TRK Group

Trond Riiber Knudsen is Founder and CEO of TRK Group AS, an Oslo-based investment and advisory firm focused on active ownership and advisory within disruptive technologies, digital service transformation, and new African growth markets. Prior to this, Trond Riiber Knudsen was a Senior Partner and member of the Leadership group in McKinsey & Company, with responsibility for McKinsey’s Marketing & Sales practice. In addition, Trond has led the development of McKinsey’s training and leadership programs and led McKinsey’s committee for the evaluation of external partner candidates. Trond has focused his client work around long-term partnerships with a number of globally leading companies within consumer goods, retail, media, telecom, and technology, most with headquarters in the Nordics. Trond has a passionate commitment to helping people from different backgrounds, reach their full potential. Based on this, Trond has for a number of years advised Kronprinsparets fond, focusing on mastery and methods to avoid social exclusion among young individuals.



Jørn Lein-Mathisen, CEO at Business Angels Norway

Jørn Lein-Mathisen started his first company at age of 16 and became an angel investor at the age of 23. In 2013, he founded the only international incubator in Norway, Oslo International Hub, running International House in Oslo. He has helped over 300 international startups since 2013 and is now in charge of building up Business Angels Norway, the national association for angel groups. He made his first angel Investment in 1996 and is currently in 50+ direct pre-seed investments and many more indirect. He was previously a parliamentary advisor to the prime minister of Norway. He also has experience working at the UN, the MFA, and at the European Commission as well as from Boston Consulting Group 



Ane Nordahl Carlsen, Investor at Grafo Family Office

Ane has earned her Master degree in finance and executive MBA with specialization in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. She has worked in different commercial and leadership roles both national and international. Was asked to help her father in a startup he had invested in and answered “No problem, I fix”, she said. Long story short; IShe did not fix, co-founded a new company, and now works as a chief investment officer at Grafo (family office), with investments within everything from real-estate to startups.




MGV Capital Group is a venture capital firm specializing in technology-based early-stage investments. They are entrepreneurs and strategists partnering with exceptional founders who apply computer science to solve some of the world’s most complex problems, at scale. Their mission is to help founders develop profitable and self-sustaining businesses, to attract strategic buyers or growth financing.

Mendoza Ventures takes a depth-focused approach, looking for founders who demonstrate domain expertise in one of their three main focus areas across fintech, AI, and cybersecurity.



mobai (Norway)

Mobai's Multimodal Biometric Authentication solution utilizes a combination of face, iris, and ocular recognition to provide strong security and privacy protection. Mobai is a facial recognition system that works on any device with a camera. The system is tailored to disclose manipulated facial features and protect the user’s data. It integrates into your existing system or runs as a stand-alone application.

Visit the Mobai website here:

Pitching by: Brage Strand, CEO at Mobai



Simplified business administration. Manage for portfolio and captable, sign and store documents, communicate with the board, shareholders or others and much more.

Visit the BizBot Website here: 

Pitching by: Didrik Egge Martens, CEO & Founder at BizBot


Diri AS (Norway)

Cyber risk made easy! Diri AS offers state-of-the-art cyber risk management software and has developed a brand new and unique product based on research at NTNU. The product originates from the Cyber Security community at NTNU in Gjøvik and was developed in collaboration with NTNU TTO and Kong Arthur. The goal is to help customers work proactively with cyber security. 

Visit the Diri AS website here:

Pitching by: Vebjørn Slyngstadli, CEO & Founder at Diri AS


AgainX (Norway)

Visit the AgainX website here:

Pitching by: Daniel Tabacaru, CEO & Founder at AgainX


CrazyMeta (CHINA)

CrazyMeta is a community led Creator powerhouse where fashion NFTs for video game enthusiasts and avatars in the Metaverse actually come to life in the real world. Through our CrazyManufacturing partners who will make the wearables NFTs into limited edition physical Collectibles and wearables for You. We will make our community embrace the Crazy side of innovation and empower them to bring to life the craziest of ideas into the world!!! and reward them in the craziest ways too!

Visit the CrazyMeta website here:

Pitching by: Eddy Huang, CEO & Founder at CrazyMeta



AiBA develops solutions to ensure the safety of children and young people online by uncovering "cyber grooming". Sexual abusers often provide false information about age and gender and get in touch with minors based on fake identities. AiBA is the result of several years of research conducted at the Norwegian Biometric Laboratory at the Department of Information Security and Communication Technology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Visit the AiBA website here:

Pitching by: Hege Tokerud, CEO at AiBA

The Startups & Scaleups at DigitalWell Ventures DEMO Day

14:30 (NORWAY) helps assist people at hospitals, in home-care, in rehab and training or simply being a friend by seamlessly integrating the social networks of all stakeholders involved.



14:30 (LATVIA)

Focused on commercial use of AI technology, Asya has developed custom-designed models for AI vision products, video, and audio emotion detection, voice diarisation, audio denoising to name a few.


Exagard (SWEDEN)



Flow Meditation is a platform with highly effective VR-guided meditations to help employees access positive energy and inspiration, focus the mind, and think clearly and productively while at work.


Oculaudio (Norway)


Masano Health (SWEDEN)


Physact (SWEDEN)


JodaPro (Norway)

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