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Our aim is to become the leading community of Artificial Intelligence professionals, academia and companies along with public players. We believe the future needs to be based on different skill-sets that has been traditionally acknowledged up until now and to be succesful as a nation, organization and ultimately as an individual, new fundamental approaches will be essential. Therefore, we will also focus on supporting and co-creating the Norwegian AI start-up ecosystems for global growth focusing on success criterias such as knowledge & investments.

Together we will build a thriving AI eco-system and put Norway on the AI map. Join us in November 2019. AIM Norway is organized by Xplorico (The organizers behind Oslo Big Data Day with 1,000 attendees at BI Norwegian Business School)

We are right now creating the AIM North Steering Committe
with call-out to:

Academia with AI Competence
Government bodies supporting AI
Enterprises supporting, using or supplying AI
AI Startup’s and Start-up ecosystems
AI Investors

We are continously working towards beating inequality by encouraging diversity.

Presentations from AIM 2018 (Part 1 to part 6)


Why you should attend:

  • To gain insight on the impact of technology, exponential growth, artificial intelligence, the future work & education, stimulating growth, impact strategies for a better Norway and a better world.
  • To learn how to implement AI in your projects
  • To meet-face-to face with AI Professionals, innovators and thought leaders
  • To share emerging best practices in intelligence engineering and applications 

Who you'll meet:

  • National and International speakers
  • AI & Machine learning professionals
  • Research and Development professionals
  • AI start-up & Investors
  • Enterprise and AI Start-Up ecosystems
  • Academia 
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