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Tom Gilb (USA), Methods Inventor, Author and Advisor to Fortune 500's

Being a global expert in software & systems engineering, Tom has been Consulting  for  Intel, IBM, Siemens, Philips, Statoil, Confirmit, JP Morgan, Credit Suisse, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, GE, Rolls Royce, Moogsoft, BritishGas HIVE, HP, US DoD, UK MoD, Sony, Hitachi, Ericsson, Nokia, TomTom, Schlumberger, Boeing etc. He is a respected Methods Inventor whose books inspired the Agile Scrum methodology, Textbook Writer, Keynote Speaker and Teacher to many international organizations. 

His goals are to write, publish and speak more to senior managers about clear thinking about their top level objectives (how to quantify them all and using machinelearning at that). Tom's Specialties are Requirements Engineering for large and complex systems, with emphasis on Quantification of Quality Requirements.


Tale Skjølsvik (NORWAY), Professor at OsloMet

Tale holds a Ph.D. in Strategic Management from BI Norwegian Business School and has experience as a management consultant from Bain & Company and Gemini Consulting. Tale has worked as a lecturer in strategic management at BI's MBA-program in China. Her research concentrates on the strategic management, digitalization and procurement. She has published papers in a number of leading international journals. She is currently professor at OsloMet focusing on strategy, digitalization and technology.


Morten Irgens (NORWAY), Principal at CLAIRE

Dr. Morten Irgens is Vice Rector (Vice President) of Oslo Metropolitan University (OsloMet). He holds a PhD in Computer Science from Simon Fraser University. Irgens' is driven by the academic mission and the role of academia in addressing the grand societal challenges of our time. He finds particular interest in computer science, artificial intelligence and environmental sustainability. His academic area is computer science, particularly Artificial Intelligence (AI), including Modern Heuristics, Constraint Reasoning and Optimisation.

CLAIRE: CONFEDERATION OF LABORATORIES FOR ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE RESEARCH IN EUROPE has attracted major media coverage in many European countries and garnered broad support by more than 1000 AI experts (PhD-level expertise in AI or equivalent), more than one hundred fellows of various scientific AI associations, many editors of scientific AI journals, national AI societies, top AI institutes and key stakeholders in industry and other organisations.


Stefan Engeseth (SWEDEN), Futurist, Author of

Author, consultant, speaker, shark diver and Guest Professor at NYU Prague. Stefan’s ideas range from innovative and future-oriented to bordering on far-fetched. Yet, they all build on the universal truth that without innovation and visions, companies will not grow in today’s highly competitive business world using technology & AI strategies. The question is, how far are you prepared to go?

Over the years, Stefan Engeseth has worked as a consultant with international companies and Fortune 500 corporations. Often he is described as on of the world’s leading experts and speakers in his field.

His lectures have become extremely popular because they are stimulating yet easy to take in and use. He has held over 500 lectures and workshops internationally at corporations and academic institutions.


Tone Ringstad (NORWAY), CEO, Culture Engine


Don Brancato (USA), Chief Strategy Architect, Boeing


Tina Nordlander (SWEDEN), Special Advisor in AI, Innovation Norway


Jan Sollid Storehaug (NORWAY), CEO Tenk Digitalt, Futurist & Keynote Speaker


Eirik Norman-Hansen (NORWAY), Futurist & Keynote Speaker


Antonio Grasso (ITALY), Global Though leader Digital Transformation & AI


Dominic Robinson (UK), AI Communication & Policy Expert (Uber, Peltarion AI, EU)

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